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RV Trip Guideline For The Novice And Seasoned RV Lover By John

RV travel throughout Texas is a great way to enjoy wonderful sightseeing opportunities and travel along scenic highways, while not having to worry about lodging. Unless, you want to that is, otherwise RVs make Texas an idyllic travel destination.

Some RV travelers arrive at their campsites and go about the business of setting up in an easy, relaxed and organized way, while others look like something that just came out of a “Keystone Cops’ movie.

Technology advancements have made RV travel safer and more convenient than ever before. With social networking to help stay in touch, GPS for safe navigation, and helpful phone applications just a click away, travelers will feel right at home on the road.

RV travel makes road trips into fun adventures filled with great scenery, food and lots of excitement. What makes RV travel in Texas so much fun? Well, for starters plan on visiting as many state parks as your schedule permits. Just for fun, why not forget your travel itinerary and just go with the flow. State parks are definitely “bigger” and “better” in Texas. Texas is home to over 120 state parks, and make sure to stop by the state’s other natural historic sites.

RV travel trailersare not too different from fifth-wheel RVs other than being less costly and a bit smaller. As long as you have a vehicle equipped with a hitch, you can tow a travel trailer. Because it’s possible to towRV travel trailers with a car rather than a truck, you can fit more travelers inside the towing vehicle.

RV travel makes road trips into fun adventures filled with great scenery, food and lots of excitement. What makes RV travel in Texas so much fun? Well, for starters plan on visiting as many state parks as your schedule permits. Just for fun, why not forget your travel itinerary and just go with the flow. State parks are definitely “bigger” and “better” in Texas. Texas is home to over 120 state parks, and make sure to stop by the state’s other natural historic sites.

Actually, we were quite surprised to see that our large Class A was almost identical to the gas mileage we got pulling the travel trailer. This rving is certainly a “learn as you go” deal. However, we didn’t know that we would have a good outcome, so we followed precise steps to calculate our mpg, to be prepared for anything.

In So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish (published in 1984), Arthur returns home to Earth, rather surprisingly since it was destroyed when he left. He meets and falls in love with a girl named Fenchurch, and discovers this Earth is a replacement provided by the dolphins in their Save the Humans campaign. Eventually he rejoins Ford, who claims to have saved the Universe in the meantime, to hitch-hike one last time and see God’s Final Message to His Creation. Along the way, they are joined by Marvin, the Paranoid Android, who, although 37 times older than the universe itself (what with time travel and all), has just enough power left in his failing body to read the message and feel better about it all before expiring.

Since then, chapters have expanded once again and chapters can now be found outside of the New England area. Now in existence there are chapters formed in Florida in the 90’s for those who won’t miss the snowy winters in New England and travel Florida, called Palm Tree, Chapter 27; and in areas of Canada. As of 2011, a new chapter was formed in Florida to serve the Orlando, Kissimmee and Central Florida area called Orlando 183.

Glad to be of service, Mike. Both motorhomes and travel trailers have their pros and cons depending on the particular desires of the user. Thanks again for reading my articles and for posting your problem too. Others will no doubt find your experience useful.

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Ray Eddings is a freelance writer. This article was written on behalf of Please visit for a wide selection of fifth wheels, travel trailers and other towable RVs.

There;re various trailer types to search for in the market. Some are small just like camping tents while some are big like houses. The best way to undertake a trailer experience is by hiring one and by the time you head back home you;d sure be chalking out plans to own one. It;s particularly helpful when you don;t have to build tents after planning to camp. Another upside when traveling in trailers is not to worry about reserving your hotel rooms when you have to sleep at nights. You can sleep in your trailer and be as comfortable as your were in your home. You can;t expect better things to happen other than being able to play the music you love, watch your favorite TV shows, have a luxurious journey and live a king;s lifestyle in a trailer.

Today Literally Millions Of Individuals In This Nation Share A Typical

Sabrina Artel’s Trailer Talk has been featured on CNN and in The New York Times as well as RV Travel Magazine, The Towne Crier newspaper (Livingston Manor, NY), The River Reporter (Narrowburg, NY), The Sullivan County Democrat (Callicoon, NY), and Hudson Valley Inside Out magazine (Athens, NY).

There are several ways for you to find repo travel trailers at auction. One way to find repo travel trailers is to search local newspapers classifieds and specialty RV selling guides. Another possible way to find an auction location is by checking with local lending institutions and that regularly issue loans on RV travel trailers. You can start with the company currently financing your RV or ask a few dealerships who they would recommend for RV financing. (Tip: There may be one department dealing with RV and car foreclosure. Not every one at the bank will know how to help you. Persistence my be required) The last, and most effective way to find out when and where travel trailer auctions occur is to develop a relationship with a small RV dealer and ask them when, where and how often these take place. Many times these RV dealers go to these auctions on a regular basis. If you are lucky they may even teach you more about how auctions specific to your area work.  Your state may require a license to bid (most don’t), and an rv dealer may be ready to help bid at auction in exchange for a small fee.

Such amenities are nice to have, but as with all types of RV travel units, the more amenities they have, the heavier they are to tow, the larger the vehicle necessary to tow them and the more they cost.

California has some of the most magical sites the entire world, much less the United States, has to offer. There are things to do for every type of traveler from one end to the other of the state. Lets face it though, it is a huge place and it is tough to know where to start. With RV travel, fun in California will be at your fingertips for a great price.

Planning a vacation to California can be an ominous task because there is just so much beauty, excitement, and events to plan for! Expensive flights and trying to navigate taxis to and from airports can suck the fun out of your next trip. This year, take a look into RV travel fun in California. Remember, sometimes the journey is as exciting as the destination, and this could not be more true in the beautiful sunny state of California.

Invariably, in these sorts of impromptu overnight camps, RV travellers choose to remain in �departure mode�. No awning, no camp chairs, no gear stored beneath the RV, no stabiliser jacks — and generally facing toward the �exit�. Next day, if feeling more relaxed about the site, a longer stopover might be considered.

How could one take a trip to California without checking out the L.A. area. From Hollywood to Santa Monica Boulevard, you can experience these iconic locations that have become household names, and at an affordable price. Things can get expensive in L.A. with huge restaurant bills and blown up hotel fees. Take that hassle out of the equation with well-priced RV travel. Countless RV sites and hookups are located within minutes of all of these historic sites. The best part, they can be found for as cheap as just a few dollars a day!

“It should be kept in mind, when reading this travelogue, that Steinbeck took liberties with the facts, inventing freely when it served his purposes, using everything in the arsenal of the novelist to make this book a readable, vivid narrative. The book remains ‘true’ in the way all good novels or narratives are true. That is, it provides an aesthetic vision of America at a certain time. The evocation of its people and places stay forever in the mind, and Steinbeck’s understanding of his country at this tipping point in its history was nothing short of extraordinary. It reflects his decades of observation and the years spent in honing his craft.”

Would you like to take a recreational vehicle on your next vacation? If you do, you would not be alone, more and more people and families of all ages are discovering the joys of travel in a recreational vehicle. You don’t have to make any hotel, plane or restaurant reservations, you can spend as much time as you would like in any one place and you will be spending quality time with your family and friends. Whether you rent or buy, a recreational vehicle vacation may be just what you are looking for.

More and more Americans are enjoying the versatility, security, convenience and the grandeur of visiting and touring the country with motorhomes, more popularly known as RV’s.
According to a study conducted by the University of Michigan, 1 out of 12 American families own motorhomes, thus the increase of 7.8 percent of the numbers of such vehicles in the past four years. To stretch the statistics further, this means that seven million families or households have RV’s.
So why is there an increase on the use of motorhomes? Post September 11 analysis reveals that people want to have more control of their trips and are opting to travel more by land than by air. Aside from this, they want to avoid airport hassles and traffic.
But more than these reasons, Americans want to enjoy more times with their families and to be in control of their travel schedules. And in these stressful times, going outdoors and communing with nature seem to be one of the solutions which can be greatly accomplished by motorhome traveling.
Motorhomes have become more comfortable and more luxurious since the release of the first RV. Some motorhomes nowadays, have complete upholstered furniture, state of the line appliances like microwaves, televisions and refrigerators. Other deluxe motorhomes provide features such as dining and living areas, queen beds, cabinets and storage plus a shower in the full-size bathroom.
Other motorhomes also became flashier with stereos and CD players installed in the vehicle and other enhanced comforts such as double door refrigerators and wooden tabletops. Moreover, they have also become efficient in terms of the space and materials they use for their construction.
Aside from these conveniences inside the motorhome, motorhome vacationing also became popular because of the improved campgrounds and fancy motorhome resorts. Some motorhome resorts offer luxurious amenities such as swimming pools and golf- courses. Fitness enters for the health conscious can also be found in such motorhome parks aside from computer centers. Aside from these, others also provide schedules for sports meets and dance activities.
Beyond, these perks and joys, however, traveling in a motorhome needs some planning especially on the activities you and your family want to accomplish on the trip. Aside from these, your motorhome should be equipped with the following essentials before you hit the road:

  • batteries
  • binoculars
  • bottle/can opener
  • camera and film
  • firewood
  • first-aid supplies
  • fishing gear
  • flashlights and lanterns
  • folding chairs
  • games
  • grill and fuel
  • insect repellent
  • maps
  • matches
  • nature field guides
  • picnic basket
  • road flares
  • rope, cords, or wire
  • shovel (small, folding type)
  • sports equipment
  • sunscreen
  • toilet paper
  • tool kit
  • trash bags
  • umbrellas
  • water hose

Aside from these, families and individuals also have responsibilities in conserving energy and making a conscious effort of taking care of the environment while traveling on the road and while settling in camps. Here are some few tips you need to know also while traveling in your motorhome:
1. To decrease emissions and to conserve energy, keep the motorhome well tuned.
2. Make sure that the campsites where you camp are marked as “RV campsites”.
3. While driving, make sure that you stick to the roads that the motorhome can travel into.
4. Try to avoid using disposable things such as cups, plates and spoons.
5. Make sure that the campfires you make are small and avoid putting stuff into the fire that will not burn such as rubber, foil, plastic etc. It is also important to note fire rules in motorhome campgrounds.
6. Avoid using supplies for cleaning that can be toxic. Look for ecologically friendly cleaning stuff.
7. If you are bringing your pets in your motorhome travel, and they are permitted in campgrounds, make sure that they are kept inside the motorhome or use stakes to tie them there. Barks can be damaged when they are tied in a tree.
8. Be considerate wit your neighbors when playing music or when playing computer games. Other campers may consider this as noise.
9. Always make sure that you recycle while traveling.
10. Make sure to leave all areas in the motorhome park clean and dispose your trash in properly designated areas in the park.

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Today Literally Millions Of Individuals In This Nation Share A Typical

An astute RV traveler can average $12 per night or less for camping costs, eat his own food just as he would at home, visit friends and family and see whatever he likes and spend less than $2500 doing it.

A lot of people are close to retirement and want to see the country. They have been tied down to a job, the house and the kids. There is just so much out there to see! Finding the right RV travel software sure makes the transition a lot easier!

Many beginning campers often wonder if RV travel software pays for itself. Fortunately, there are some really great packages out there on the internet. Whatever questions you might have can be answered very quickly.

Many beginning campers often wonder if RV travel software pays for itself. Fortunately, there are some really great packages out there on the internet. Whatever questions you might have can be answered very quickly.

Rving also comes with an opportunity to save on clothing. With RV travel you don;t need to buy fancy new clothes or a new luggage. Heck you can wear your old house dress and no one will care. So stop worrying about new clothes. Stick to your budget by stocking on food supplies, groceries and other items to avoid rush buying from convenient stores which is more often than not cost two times higher than the regular price. Cook your own meals instead of eating at fast food restaurants. Stay out less! Get creative and try a new recipe. Camp foods need not to be boring after all.

If you compare the cost of traveling across the US in an RV to using other means of travel, you quickly discover that, correctly done, RV travel costs far less and gives you much more for your dollars.

Fur traders and early settlers utilised the rivers and Red River cart roads such as Long Trail until the early 1900s when the railroad and bush planes supplemented travel to this northern boreal transition area. Corduroy roads provided a means for early land vehicles to cross over muskeg and swamp. Horse drawn ploughs filled low areas, settlers hauled gravel and cleared bush for the road ways surveyed along high elevations following lake and river shore lines. Municipalities would grade and gravel roads providing transportation between trading centres. The all weather road arrived alongside of the NWWR association’s impetus for a travel and tourism corridor along the northern area of the western provinces. Traffic volume along the route is a major factor to determine highway classification, surface type, and construction upgrades.

Steve Gillman hit the road at sixteen, and traveled the U.S. and Mexico alone at 17. Now 40, he travels with his wife Ana, whom he met in Ecuador. For travel stories, tips and a free e-book, visit:

This article was posted on January 28, 2006


Alaskan travel writer Mike Miller lives in Juneau where his current passion is publishing an information-packed website about Alaska cruising and ferry travel: Miller has authored a number of travel books (Fodors, Sierra Club Books, Globe Pequot, The Milepost and others), contributes to TravelAge West (for travel agents) and frequently writes for major newspapers and magazines.

This article was posted on March 06, 2006


There Are Countless Travel Brokers Are Strolling In And Around The

My hubby is a professionally trained accounting professional, and due to his abilities, he knew the tax obligation legislations when it come to having local business. These rules form the basis that makes RV travel inexpensive or cost-free for those who utilize this approach, and below is why.

There are numerous ways for you to locate repo travel trailers at public auction. One way to locate repo trip trailers is to search neighborhood papers classifieds and specialty Recreational Vehicle offering quick guides. One more feasible way to discover an auction location is by consulting neighborhood lending institutions which consistently concern loans on Recreational Vehicle travel trailers. You could start with the business currently funding your RV or ask a couple of dealerships that they would certainly suggest for Recreational Vehicle financing. (Idea: There might be one department taking care of RV and automobile foreclosure. Not every one at the financial institution will know how you can help you. Determination my be called for) The last, and most effective way to figure out when and where trip trailer public auctions occur is to create a connection with a small Recreational Vehicle dealership and inquire when, where and just how commonly these happen. Many times these RV dealers visit these public auctions on a regular basis. If you are lucky they could also show you more concerning just how auctions particular to your location work. Your state could call for a license to bid (most do not), and a rv dealer might be ready to help bid at public auction for a small fee.

Located near the casino, the pet-friendly RV park is just one of the top-rated in the nation. Obtaining outstanding ratings on the facility, toilets, and look, the park is one of couple of that Excellent Sam Recreational Vehicle Travel Guide has rewarded three 10’s. Features of the park consist of a 24-hour shuttle takes you to and fro in between the casino and the Recreational Vehicle park, free WI-FI, a stunning club for teams, and a big swimming pool.

Ever since, chapters have increased again and chapters can now be found beyond the New England location. Now out there there are chapters developed in Florida in the 90’s for those that won’t miss out on the snowy winters in New England and travel Florida, called Palm Plant, Chapter 27; and in areas of Canada. Since 2011, a brand-new chapter was developed in Florida to offer the Orlando, Kissimmee and Central Florida location called Orlando 183. The Long Path adhered to the Peace Waterway ONE HUNDRED miles (160.

Recreational Vehicle Suggestions Rocks

Trapped in the desert? Don’t worry since you could effortlessly make it through from this tight circumstance by simply complying with five pointers. I know it’s not most likely for us to be caught in a desert these days yet who widelies known! Being prepared is a whole lot better compared to facing the situation barehanded.


Seaside camping with your RV is just one of the most enjoyable choices that are readily available to RV ers around. There are lots of parks across the nation that will certainly permit you to park your RV on or REALLY near the beach. It is essential however to investigate the camping areas you ll be going to prior to dedicating to reserving your spot then traveling to your location.

There are hundreds of needs to visit a seaside and your goal is only approximately you! Each time of the year is an excellent season to go to seasides for anything from angling, to surfing, swimming, strolling or merely delighting in the sunset. And there are all type of coastlines to check out throughout the nation at lakes, waterways, oceans and seas.

In exploring your seaside Recreational Vehicle campground, initially, discover exactly what you will certainly need to do to prep your Recreational Vehicle and camping team to obtain ready for it. Most of the times, beaches have a warm to moderate temperature level for the coast yet could get higher gusts that if not prepared for can take the very best of you.

An additional beneficial idea for prepping your Recreational Vehicle is to make sure that every one of your generators are covered so that sand grains are not affecting the mechanical components and awnings are installed appropriately to ensure that the wind of the beach does not send it flying across the camp.

It would be a great concept to examine the climate status of your camping site prior to going. Understanding just what the climate resemble can assist you and your camping staff pack the right clothes to remain warm or cool and also the best supplies to use your time by the surges. If it s warm outside, see to it to bring lots of water toys featuring physical body boards, surf boards and specifically sunlight block. If it s winter outside, as well as rainy, it would certainly make a best opportunity to stuff some rainfall layers and turn your seaside travel into a fishing expedition. Heat, chilly, rainfall, wind are never a trouble for the beach, if they are planned for appropriately.

Preparing to get rid of the sand from your physical body and clothes is a must when camping on the coastline. An outside shower for your Recreational Vehicle can be effortlessly set up which you could possibly utilize to rinse excess sand in efforts to save the inside and also the plumbing system in your RV from being ingrained with sand.

As long as you can plan for a trip to the seaside with your Recreational Vehicle, these suggestions are not all going to be universal. The best thing that RV campers could do prior to visiting the seaside is call their marked Recreational Vehicle park and ask individually exactly what they could do to get ready for the best possible trip to their park. They will be the experts of their parks and coastlines and can assist you the most with obtaining your RV all set for camping on the coastline.

From the crystal clear beaches of Florida, to the white sandy beaches of the excellent lakes and the sundowns of the Pacific, RV outdoor camping journeys are awaiting households, buddies, and all beach camping enthusiasts.

The majority of pointers for Recreational Vehicle trip inform you to stuff light and make do with marginal utensils given that area goes to a fee. Fortunately, this tasty dish requires simply four utensils and a few active ingredients to make a rewarding morning meal. You; ll need a fork, a dish, a frying pan and measuring spoon. The food components are: 1 cup flour, 1 egg, 2T. sweets, 2T. cinnamon, 1/2 tsp each of baking powder and salt, 1/2 mug water, 1/2 cup apple sauce, 1/4 teaspoon baking soda, and some butterSimple mix all your ingredients except the butter, using a fork to mix up until the lumps are gone. Melt a little butter to coat your frying pan, after that include the concoction in the center of the pan. If you wish 4 large pancakes, use 1/4 of the concoction each time. For silver dollar pancakes, reduce the amount appropriately. Rest the frying pan on a grill grate or hold it over the fires. The pancakes are ready to be transformed when the edges are firm and the facility is bubbling. Carefully flip the pancake over. The pancake is done when it; s gold brown on both sides. For an added taste treat, offer them with honey rather or maple syrup.

Updated Digs for Big Texas


Last year’s State Fair of Texas cliffhanger was an electrical fire that damaged the iconic Big Tex. As the State Fair opens this year, visitors will see that you can’t take a Big Tex down, plus he’ll have a revamped station.

Big Tex has, indeed, risen from the ashes and will stand tall (55-feet!) at his newly redesigned post when he reports for greeter duty on opening day, tomorrow. The State Fair of Texas runs Sept. 27-Oct 20.

Dallas graphics design firm Nottestad & Co. and landscape architecture by Studio Outside transformed Big Tex Circle into an ideal meeting spot with informational panels that pay tribute to Big Tex’s life, and colorful bands of flowers.

“The gallery consists of six 3×5 foot panels picturing historical moments from the past 60 years (devastating 2012 fire not included),” says Sandra Nottestad, president of Nottestad & Co. She adds, “The panels provide great backdrops for people to pose for their State Fair of Texas ph otos as they have for generations.”

“Big Texas has a story to tell, and we are bringing it to life,” says designer Dean Nottestad. “People underestimate Big Tex’s fans and their Texas-size love for him. We are giving his fans more of what they love about the big guy,” he adds.  

Look for Texas Highways at the State Fair

Texas Highways staffers will be on hand at the State Fair of Texas, working with our friends at the Texas Department of Agriculture and Texas Historical Commission, as we share Texas travel literature with fair attendees.

Find us in the Food and Fiber Pavilion (near the butter sculpture, we hear).

You can pick up great information on the many trails, including the Brazos, Forts, Hill Country, Mountain, Pecos, Plains, and Tropical trails. Informational booklets on the Chisholm Trail and African Americans in Texas also will be available.

The TDA booth will be active throughout the fair, but Texas Highways will be joining the party from Oct. 3-5, where we’ll be giving out Texas State Travel Maps, True Texas Stickers and copies of the latest edition of Texas Highways magazine, while supplies last.

There will be a daily drawing for a free Texas Highways subscription, for the duration of the fair!

Deep-Fried Blog: State Fair menu and Recipes

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Fun Fall Getaways in Texas

Fun is a great time to visit Texas. Cooler temperatures, football season, a number of great annual festivals, plenty of outdoor activities… The list of “positives” for a fall vacation to the Lone Star State goes on and on. While there are numerous destinations that can result in a great fall vacation, these are some of the most fun fall getaways in Texas. Read More

Austin benefit raises money for musicians’ health

There’s a certain glamour to the musician’s life, no doubt. But for many working musicians, the reality of scratching out a day-to-day living means long hours, multiple jobs, and low income.

Shinyribs performs Tuesday at HAAM Benefit Day at Whole Foods in Austin.

Shinyribs performs Tuesday at HAAM Benefit Day at Whole Foods in Austin.

Austin residents came together Tuesday to support the city’s musicians at the annual benefit day for the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians. HAAM is a nonprofit that connects uninsured musicians with health care, ranging from primary care to basic dental, mental health, and hearing and vision health services.

“The purpose is to get music out to the community and for people to see the value of live music in the community,” said Alison Silverstein, a HAAM board member and volunteer, at an afternoon performance at Whole Foods.

Whole Foods was one of more than 275 participating businesses that agreed to donate 5 percent of their proceeds for the day to HAAM. More than 200 acts donated their time to perform throughout the day at various locations hosting HAAM events.

Alison Silverstein, HAAM volunteer and board member.

Alison Silverstein, HAAM volunteer and board member.

The Austin area is home to more than 2,000 working musicians who are members of HAAM, and their average income is about $16,000 per year, Silverstein says. The music business, meanwhile, generates about $2 billion in annual economic activity to the city.

HAAM raised more than $300,000 on its benefit day last year, or about a third of its annual income, Silverstein says. HAAM, in turn, contributes to partner healthcare organizations, such as the SIMS Foundation, Seton Healthcare Family, and St. David’s Foundation. HAAM then helps arrange appointments for its  members at the partner providers.

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2013 Houston Italian Festival

This popular three-day Italian cultural heritage and food festival is among Houston’s best annual events. Each year, the Houston Italian Festival features activities such as the grape stomp, children’s activities, pasta eating contest, live entertainment and, of course, plenty of excellent Italian cuisine. The 2013 Houston Italian Festival is set to be held October 10-13.  Read More