Lavender Farm

Our Lavender farm is the culmination of many years of a desire to help others. We started out becoming natural healers and developed many healing and natural health formulas using essential oils. Many of these used Lavender as a base.  On our RV travels we found many working farms growing lavender. The largest of these we found in Utah. We visited the Young living farm there and had a wow experience. After spending two days there we ploted our course working in as many lavender farms as we could find. We talked to growers with all kinds of different soil conditions and climates. We learned from everyone we met the proper spacing of plants, the type of mounding to use and whether or not to use the water proof ground cover etc. Each element depends on the conditions of the area. We have the opportunity to create a working lavender farm and create products from that farm to help others.

Our delight in lavender led us to different varieties and ones that were able to bloom at different times to extend the season we could enjoy them. By planting several varieties we are able to have blooms from about May through July or early September. This coincides so closely to the high RV travel season it allowed us to blend our two desires and have a Lavender RV park right next to the lavender farm.

Our belief that the longer season will allow us to host weddings, parties and garden clubs for most of the summer. Rowena is a minister and capable of handling a beautiful wedding as well as being a licensed massage therapist and aromatherapist to complete the package.

We have plenty of space for the families to participate in weddings, events and family gatherings in a truly beautiful and relaxing setting.

Come see our growing farm and wedding center for all your gathering needs.

The Lavender farm is open May thru September and with camping and RVing all year long.

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