Lavender RV Farm about us

John and Rowena acquired Lavender RV and the Lavender Farm as the culmination of two great dreams. We travel in our own RV and came across the Young Living Lavender farms in Utah and said WOW how pretty is that and began searching out Lavender farms to visit all through Utah, Oregon, and Washington. With each farm we told each other we have to do that. We had planned to buy property and create our own RV park when we were more ready to settle down. But the desire to own acres of lavender kept at us and after our last trip through the west we could wait no longer and found a perfect property.

We found land that would give us the RV park we had dreamed of for years and provide enough land with the perfect PH and climate to grow the lavender we had grown to love.

Our goal is to have both the largest Lavender farm in Texas and a place where people can come and enjoy the lavender just as we do.  The RV park allows those who wish to have a relaxing flower filled vacation surounded by trees and Lavender.

For those who enjoy boating and fishing we are within a few miles of 5 major lakes in East Texas. This allows us to create a destination for the Gardener in us and the outdoorsman.

We have listed attractions, fairs and museums along with the Ballet and concerts available in the area it gives everyone something to see and do.

Come join us and not only wake up to smell the coffee but the heavenly scent of Lavender and Roses.