Lavender RV

The Lavender bush originated in the mountainous terrain of the Mediterranean region. The plant thrives in poor soil but it must have full sun. The plant is easy to grow and to propagate. It actually does best if you ignore it. Fertilising can cause the plant to rot.

There are several varieties of Lavender, including French, English, Spanish and Italian. The flower colours vary from white, pink, blues and purple. The foliage too, varies, from greens to silvers.

Lavender attracts bees to the garden, so it is beneficial for the whole garden. Lavender is said to repel flies so it is a good plant to have around the doors and windows to your home.

Lavender flowers and stems are dried and are popular in potpourri, and when placed in little cloth sachets, as a moth deterrent in drawers and wardrobes.

Lavender water has been popular for centuries for its scent and its medicinal properties. The scent is said to cure headaches and restlessness.

A few drops of lavender scent or oil on your pillow are supposed to cure insomnia. Lavender oil mixes easily with water and when placed into a spray bottle it makes a great air freshener. Try spraying a little on your curtains and soft furnishings. Spray your rubbish bins with this mixture to repel flies.

The lavender oil is said to relieve the itch of insect bites.

Lavender tea is taken to cure tension headaches and insomnia. Lavender vinegar, lavender oil and lavender sugar are gourmet kitchen touches. Lavender can also be used in lamb, chicken and pork dishes for a fresh, out of the ordinary flavour.

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