Recreational Vehicle Pointer How To Prep Your RV For Summer

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This article was posted on November 23, 2005


Beach camping with your RV is one of the most fun options that are available to RV�ers out there. There are tons of parks all over the country that will allow you to park your RV on or VERY close to the beach. It is very important however to research the campgrounds you�ll be visiting before committing to reserving your spot and then traveling to your destination.

There are hundreds of reasons to visit a beach and your objective is solely up to you! Every time of the year is an excellent season to visit beaches for anything from fishing, to surfing, swimming, walking or simply enjoying the sunset. And there are all kinds of beaches to visit throughout the country at lakes, rivers, oceans and seas.

In researching your beach RV campground, first, find out what you will need to do to prep your RV and camping crew to get ready for it. In most cases, beaches have a warm to moderate temperature for the coast but can pick up high gusts that if not prepared for can take the best of you.

Another helpful tip for preparing your RV is to make sure that all of your generators are covered so that sand grains are not affecting the mechanical components and awnings are mounted properly so that the wind of the beach does not send it flying across the camp.

It would be an excellent idea to check the weather status of your campground before heading out. Knowing what the weather conditions are like can help you and your camping crew pack the right clothes to stay warm or cool as well as the right supplies to utilize your time by the waves. If it�s hot outside, make sure to bring lots of water toys including body boards, surf boards and especially sun block. If it�s cold outside, and even rainy, it would make a perfect opportunity to pack some rain coats and turn your beach trip into a fishing trip. Heat, cold, rain, wind are never a problem for the beach, if they are planned for properly.

Planning to get rid of the sand from your body and clothes is a must when camping on the beach. An outside shower for your RV can be easily installed which you could use to rinse off excess sand in attempts to save the interior as well as the plumbing in your RV from being ingrained with sand.

As much as you can prepare for a trip to the beach with your RV, these tips are not all going to be universal. The best thing that RV campers can do before going to the beach is call their designated RV park and ask them personally what they can do to prepare for the best possible trip to their park. They will be the experts of their parks and beaches and can help you the most with getting your RV ready for camping on the beach.

From the crystal clear beaches of Florida, to the white sandy beaches of the great lakes and the sunsets of the Pacific, RV camping adventures are waiting for families, friends, and all beach camping enthusiasts.

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