RV Pointer Keeping Your Camper Cool

Foursquare lets you know where your ‘friends’ are physically or have been recently. It allows you to log tips about venues such as restaurants you have eaten at or businesses you have visited. Terrific way to encourage newbies to an area to try out your place/service! Also means you have to keep providing good service and product to ensure that you don’t get a tip posted about your business saying ‘keep away from this place’!

Monk: The Mobile Magazine was a travel magazine published from 1986 to 1997 by James Crotty and Michael Lane, aka the Monks. The magazine began publication when Crotty and Lane left San Francisco to travel across the United States by RV. They published a glossy magazine to document their travels, a publication that became a cult hit. In their travels the Monks interviewed numerous off-beat and counterculture figures such as Annie Sprinkle, Quentin Crisp, Kurt Cobain, Dan Savage and Gus Van Sant and offered tips on what unusual sights one should see when traveling.

Using a recreational vehicle, or RV, to travel in and use for camping is an ideal way to enjoy the outdoors while having many of the comforts of home. RVs can be affordable for rental or purchase and can be a great way to camp in comfort. There are several things the RV user should consider when traveling to get the most out of the experience.
If you have never used one, a class may be useful in learning the ins and outs of properly driving and maneuvering the vehicle. Campsites may be tight to get in and out of so being able to move the vehicle safely is important. Pay close attention to dealer instructions and adhere to any safety requirements. Joining an RV club will also give you valuable tips from experienced RVers on what to do and what not to do.
Carrying blocks of wood, or chocks, to secure wheels will help prevent the RV from moving while camping. Traveling with a companion is advisable so they can help remind you about tasks that need to be done for daily maintenance. They can also assist in visual directions for backing up into camp spaces. Many people take RVs on long driving trips and having someone take over driving periodically can be a safe way to ensure one does not get too tired, causing a driving hazard.
Take proper care of water supplies. Do not clog sewer pipes with paper; instead keep it as free from debris as possible. This will also help conserve water and minimize problems when draining. A great tip is to recycle cleaning water for use in the commode instead of using the fresh water supply. Have a longer, good quality hose available. This will make disposal more convenient. Slowly open the valve and ensure the other end is secure. Check to ensure all valves are closed before removal of the hose. In your sink, do not dispose of food or grease as this will clog and damage pipes.
Before embarking on a trip have a checklist available for all your packing needs. Be aware of weight restrictions and only pack lightweight items to ensure you do not go over the weight capacity of both your camper and your towing vehicle. Balance the load in the vehicle so it is not heavy in one area. This will provide a safer driving experience.
Maintain the vehicle properly. Always check gauges and detectors for proper working order before starting a trip. Have tools available on board in case maintenance is needed while on the road. Always have at least one fire extinguisher on board, though multiple ones are advisable. Have a survival and first aid kit available and fully supplied at all times.
Being prepared and using a checklist to ensure nothing is missed will make your RVing experience much more enjoyable. Always maintain your vehicle properly for maximum potential. Keeping your RV in good condition will also enhance the resale value in case you want to sell it or upgrade to a larger model. Using an RV is a great way to travel in comfort and style.


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