Trip Recommendation With A RV Travel Trailer

Technology advancements have made RV travel safer and more convenient than ever before. With social networking to help stay in touch, GPS for safe navigation, and helpful phone applications just a click away, travelers will feel right at home on the road.

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With RV traveling, you can always find better and more efficient ways of cooking and making things easier and safer for yourself and your family. Understanding the differences in RV equipment will help you choose the right unit for your specific needs, and learning how to forecast your travel costs can help lengthen your trip while saving you money.

Steve Gillman first hit the road on his own when at sixteen, and traveled alone across the United States and Mexico at 17. Now 40, he continues to travel and backpack with his wife Ana, whom he met in Ecuador. Many of his stories, plus tips and information on travel and lightweight backpacking, can be found on his websites,, and

This article was posted on April 17, 2005


When you purchase your first motorhome, you want to be sure that you are buying it from the best possible dealership. As with anything, price and quality are important. However, your RV dealer should offer a lot more than just a camper.

There are many types of recreational vehicles, and some can be quite expensive. Financing is generally available to those with good credit, and should be arranged by the dealer. Some dealers even offer their own financing, rather than going through a bank. This is helpful because you only have to deal with one company for all of your RV needs.

It is also important to shop around and make sure you will be happy with the motorhome you purchase. Keep in mind that many convenience items can be added later, but you still need to have the room to add them. Do not pick out one that is rather small if you know you will be living in it for months at a time. On the other hand, do not pick one too large if you will only use it occasionally.

The best dealerships will have options and offer hard to find parts and accessories to customize your Fifth Wheel, tent camper, or RV into something you can truly live with, or in. You can add laundry facilities, kitchen appliances, furniture, beds, tables, and just about anything else you could possibly need to have all the comforts of home while on the road.

Once you have purchased your new camper, you may want to order special RV parts to customize it for your needs and comfort. For example, if you are planning to travel the countryside for your retirement and live in the motorhome, you may need conveniences that do not come standard, such as pet care needs and accessories, wheelchair access, or handicap access to kitchen and bathroom facilities. These things can be difficult to find, unless you have a good dealer.

Regardless of these many decisions, buying your travel trailer is the easy part of owning a motorhome. The hard part is finding insurance, service, and parts for your new recreational vehicle. Some things, like insurance, may be easy to find, However, finding parts and service can become daunting, especially if you are on the road. Your dealer should have several convenient locations, and be able to ship quickly to any campground, motor hotel, or RV park. This way you are not stuck in one place for longer than you would like.

If you ever break down or have an accident on the road, you will also need to have repairs done on your RV. Many of the best dealerships will perform the work for you at one of their many locations, in their own garage and with specially trained mechanics. Some dealerships even offer RV rentals so you can continue your vacation without waiting for your tent camper to be repaired. Depending on the type of RV insurance you have purchased, the rental may not even cost you any money!

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